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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Patty is Pissed!

A friend and fellow conservative sent this to me.  It's right on target!

Patty is Pissed!
Alan Simpson, the Senator from Wyoming calls senior citizens the Greediest Generation as he compared "Social Security " to a Milk Cow with 310 million teats. Here's a response in a letter from PATTY MYERS in Montana ... I think she is a little ticked off! She also tells it like it is!
"Hey Alan, let's get a few things straight!!!
1. As a career politician, you have been on the public dole (tit) for FIFTY YEARS.

2. I have been paying Social Security taxes for 48 YEARS (since I was 15 years old. I am now 63).

3. My Social Security payments, and those of millions of other Americans, were safely tucked away in an interest bearing account for decades until you political pukes decided to raid the account and give OUR money to a bunch of zero losers in return for votes, thus bankrupting the system and turning Social Security into a Ponzi scheme that would make Bernie Madoff proud.

4. Recently, just like Lucy & Charlie Brown, you and "your ilk" pulled the proverbial football away from millions of American seniors nearing retirement and moved the goalposts for full retirement from age 65 to age, 67. NOW, you and your "shill commission" are proposing to move the goalposts YET AGAIN.

5. I, and millions of other Americans, have been paying into Medicare from Day One, and now "you morons" propose to change the rules of the game. Why?
Because "you idiots" mismanaged other parts of the economy to such an extent that you need to steal our money from Medicare to pay the bills.

6. I, and millions of other Americans, have been paying income taxes our entire lives, and now you propose to increase our taxes yet again. Why?
Because you "incompetent bastards" spent our money so profligately that you just kept on spending even after you ran out of money. Now, you come to the American taxpayers and say you need more to pay off YOUR debt.
To add insult to injury, you label us "greedy" for calling "bullshit" to your incompetence.

Well, Captain Bullshit, I have a few questions for YOU:

1. How much money have you earned from the American taxpayers during your pathetic 50-year political career?

2. At what age did you retire from your pathetic political career, and how much are you receiving in annual retirement benefits from the American taxpayers?

3. How much do you pay for YOUR government provided health insurance?

4. What cuts in YOUR retirement and healthcare benefits are you proposing in your disgusting deficit reduction proposal, or as usual, have you exempted yourself and your political cronies?
It is you, Captain Bullshit, and your political co-conspirators called Congress who are the "greedy" ones. It is you and your fellow nutcase thieves who have bankrupted America and stolen the American dream from millions of loyal, patriotic taxpayers.

And for what? Votes and your job and retirement security at our expense, you lunk-headed, leech.
That's right, sir. You and yours have bankrupted America for the sole purpose of advancing your pathetic, political careers. You know it, we know it, and you know that we know it.

And you can take that to the bank, you miserable son of a bitch.

P.S. And stop calling Social Security benefits "entitlements". WHAT AN INSULT!!!!

I have been paying in to the SS system for 45 years "It's my money"-give it back to me the way the system was designed and stop patting yourself on the back like you are being generous by doling out these monthly checks .

EVERYONE!! If you agree with what a Montana citizen, Patty Myers, says, please send them the link to this post.

Happy Easter Everyone

Just saw this for the first time last night on FOX NEWS.   It's a MUST SEE, especially on this joyous Easter holiday.  Turn up your sound.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

What Difference Does It Make? ... I'll Tell You What Difference It Makes !

A LOT !   Especially if you value your freedoms, our country and our constitution!

Judge for yourself.

Click the following link for the details:

·         Benghazi Whitewash

Over the years, Hillary has dodged bullet after bullet by excuse and delay after excuse and obstruction.  The issue at this point is not whether she was in fact actually guilty of something but whether we, as a nation, can afford yet another president with a clear history of unethical and dishonest behavior and a penchant for dodging responsibility.

Eight years of Obama is more than enough!  We don’t need eight more with Hillary!

That's what difference it makes !

Thursday, February 27, 2014

“We are now at the constitutional tipping point for our system.  If balance is to be reestablished, it must begin before this president leaves office and that will likely require every possible means to reassert legislative authority,”

Jonathan Turley - Professor of public interest law at George Washington University, Washington, D.C.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Protect C4 Free Speech

The Internal Revenue Service has quietly announced a new rule that strictly limits the ability of 501(c)(4), tax-exempt organizations from working on their core missions in the months leading up to federal, state, and local elections. The proposed regulations would prohibit these organizations from engaging in candidate-related political activity, which, by the proposed rule's definition, includes any mention of a candidate's name or political party even if presented in a non-political context. Further, organizations would have to ensure that any references to candidates in past communications are not publicly available, including online, during the pre-election window. These regulations would, in effect, prohibit organizations from providing the public with candidate comparisons and voting records, engaging in get-out-the-vote activities, or encouraging informed civic participation, among other activities. They would severely limit both the organizations' First Amendment free speech and the public's ability to hold elected officials accountable for their actions.
This will not apply to 501(c)5 labor unions and (c)6 trade associations: The proposed regulation does not apply to labor organizations, although the proposal states that the Administration is considering a regulation in this area.  Thus, a likely result is that a final rule will be promulgated further restricting non-profit speech and an activity long before any comparable regulation is promulgated on the activities of labor organizations.

See anything wrong about such action?

Are you willing to stand by and allow yet another “big government” attack on our constitutional rights?

I’m not and I’ve expressed my opinion to Regulations.gov     Please do so as well.

For additional information on this important issue -> Click here.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Obama Does It Yet Again! - Outrageous!!

In August 2013 United States federal district judge Reed O’Connor in Dallas dismissed a lawsuit by ICE against President Obama’s policy to defer deportation for some young illegal Caribbean and other immigrants.
In his ruling, Judge O’Connor said the suit had been “likely to succeed on the merits of their claim that the Department of Homeland Security has implemented a program contrary to Congressional mandate meaning DHS and president Obama did not have authority to interpret law in a manner contrary to that passed by Congress.
Now he has done it yet again! 
>Columnist Charles Krauthammer spoke recently on Bret Baier’s Fox News show about the breakdown of Constitutional order: “It’s not incompetence; it’s willful breaking of the constitutional order. Where in the constitution is a president allowed to alter a law 27 times after it’s been passed?

Has President Obama OVERSTEPPED his Constitutional authority? Here is what a Georgetown Law Professor testified to earlier this week. 
It's high time the GOP got some spine and got this in front of the Supreme Court!
What's your opinion?

Monday, February 3, 2014

New Crop Of Bumper Stickers

Thanks to one of our Conservative Thinkers for these.